About Us

Who We Are

Helicon Chemical Company develops advanced composite materials for a variety of industries and applications. From research to finished products, we take a fundamental chemical approach to produce unique nanostructured composites with superior properties and performance tailored to our customers’ needs.

Located in Orlando Florida, we’ve partnered with clients from around the world to develop unique solutions to the toughest problems.

Who We Partner With

We partner with government, private organizations, and leading universities to produce customized solutions that solve leading technological challenges and overcome materials limitations faced by our customers.

Coatings Solutions Segment: provides industry partners with advanced self-cleaning coating solutions for architectural paints, industrial coatings, and exterior building products with extended lifecycles, enhanced aesthetics, improved building energy efficiency, and reduced environmental footprint.

Energy Performance Segment produces additives for high-performance fuels, increasing energy output and reducing fuel consumption of turbine and rocket engines.

Get Involved

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Please submit media inquiries to: jenna@heliconchemical.com

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