Air Force Awards Helicon Phase I SBIR Contract to Demonstrate Feasibility of Novel Materials for Advanced Solid Propellants

Orlando, FL, December 2020

Helicon Chemical Company has received an SBIR Phase I contract from the Air Force to demonstrate reactive composite materials that will provide breakthrough change in the performance of solid propellants for Air Force missile propulsion systems. This effort was proposed in response to an SBIR topic seeking technologies supporting development of novel weapons capabilities for the Air Force.

Helicon will demonstrate propellants in which currently used propellant ingredients are replaced by in situ grown aluminum nanocomposite materials. Using a novel, scalable in situ nanoparticle growth process, Helicon produces high-energy reactive composites with near-molecular-level intermixing of the aluminum fuel and polymer binder. In situ nanocomposites are safe to handle, insensitive, compatible with energetic ingredients, and impervious to moisture. Helicon’s nanocomposite materials provide the increased performance required to meet Air Force goals without negative impacts to safety and using current energetic materials processing technology.

Helicon Chemical Company was founded to commercialize recent advances in composite materials manufacturing technology. Helicon is developing and demonstrating prototype nanostructured materials for aerospace propulsion systems, munitions, and environmental applications for our government and commercial customers.

For more information, contact:

Dr. David Reid
President and CEO
Phone: (321) 300-6266
Email: david.reid@heliconchemical.com

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