Air Force Selects Helicon Chemical Company for Dual-Mode Energetics Development Effort

Helicon Chemical Company granted SBIR Phase II contract

Orlando, FL, February 2019

In February, Helicon entered into a contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for development and demonstration of a new class of energetic materials for use in a dual-mode capacity.

Helicon is developing a new class of material ingredients for energetic materials needed by the Air Force to generate greater lethality from volume-limited weapons platforms. New, non-traditional energetics, known as “dual-mode energetics” will be adaptable for use in both propulsion and lethality roles, allowing weapon designers to achieve efficient use of available volume while also providing range, maneuverability, and sufficient contributions to lethality. Helicon has developed and demonstrated a unique nanocomposite processing technology to produce a family of propellants with the functional characteristics required for dual-mode performance, thus providing a toolbox of approaches adaptable to varying system requirements. During this two-year Air Force initiative, Helicon will optimize and test candidate propellants for the dual-mode application.

Helicon Chemical Company was founded to commercialize recent advances in composite materials manufacturing technology. Helicon is developing and demonstrating prototype nanostructured materials for aerospace propulsion systems, munitions, and environmental applications for our government and commercial customers.

For more information, contact:

Dr. David Reid
President and CEO
Phone: (321) 300-6266
Email: david.reid@heliconchemical.com

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