Helicon Announces Wes Naylor as CEO

Retired Navy Captain; Dual Use Technology
Leader Selected to Lead Innovative Chemical Company

ORLANDO – Helicon Chemical announced today the hiring of Dr. Wes Naylor, CAPT, USN (retired), as Chief Executive Officer, taking over the duties and responsibilities from founder and current CEO Dr. David Reid. Naylor brings decades of leadership and dual-use technology growth experience to the role as Helicon Chemical continues to grow national security sector partnerships and sales.

Reid founded Helicon after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Central Florida in 2012 to commercialize recent advances in materials science and nanotechnology for the aerospace and defense industries. He has more than 12 awarded or pending patents and oversaw the apportion of numerous government contracts to the company for advanced material development.

Reid will remain engaged in day to day activities as the Chief Technology Officer where he will be focusing on technology development and manufacturing expansion, with Naylor leading the business and administration side of the company.

“Wes Naylor is the absolute right person to lead the Helicon Chemical team as we continue to grow the company across commercial and government sectors,” said Reid. “He brings the right mix of experience, excitement and expertise to help us bring on new investors and expand our production capability. We are very lucky to have him.”

In uniform, Naylor honed his leadership approach during his twenty-eight year career as a Naval Aviator and Acquisition Professional. His transformative vision in the fields of Intelligent Tutoring, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the use of gaming strategies for training were the foundation of the Navy’s next generation training initiative.

Since transitioning from active duty service with the Navy, Naylor has focused on advising academic, commercial and government entities on the development and maturity of dual-use technology to support American warfighters and national security.

“I can not think of a more needed or timely capability to help bring to market than the world’s most advanced solid rocket technology that Helicon is developing and manufacturing,” said Naylor. “Our partners in industry and across the armed services recognize the immediate and long-term impact our work will have on keeping America and its allies safe today and into the future.”

Helicon Chemical Company is developing and demonstrating advanced materials for aerospace propulsion systems, munitions, and environmental applications for government and commercial customers. Their patented technology allows for the rapid modernization of current armaments and future hypersonic weapons programs—aligning with one of the DoD’s top R&D priorities for 2022.

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