Materials & Fuel Supply

Helicon Chemical is situated as a supplier of advanced materials solutions to defense and commercial industries. Beginning with fuels and propellants for weapons systems, Helicon is solving some of the biggest challenges in the field of reactive materials.

Helicon not only provides fuel ingredients to meet next-generation performance goals, but also formulation, processing, and testing expertise to ensure a successful technology transition to ramjet engine manufacturers.

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Helicon Chemical specializes in the research and development of nanostructured composites with superior nanoparticle dispersion properties in a variety of host matrices.

Our products include metal and metal-oxide nanoparticle dispersions in aqueous solutions, organic liquids, and polymers, core/shell particles and powders including metal/polymer, polymer/metal-oxide, and mixed ceramic materials.

Next Generation Range and Performance

Discover how Helicon’s advanced propellant and fuel technology can give you the simplicity of a solid fuel with the flexibility of a liquid.

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