West Virginia Regional Technology Park, Helicon Chemical bring Rocket Fuels to its South Charleston Campus

 South Charleston, W.Va.  – July 10, 2023 – The West Virginia Regional Technology Park (Tech Park) is thrilled to announce that Helicon Chemical, a leading innovator in developing drop-in-ready, upgraded binder for government and commercial propulsion systems, is its newest tenant. The Tech Park and Helicon celebrated today with a ribbon cutting event at the South Charleston, West Virginia technology park campus. 


The event marks a significant milestone in the growth of both Helicon and the West Virginia Regional Technology Park. The addition of Helicon to the technology park’s esteemed roster of tenants further solidifies its position as a hub for cutting-edge research, development, and innovation in the region.

Developing patented technologies that align with the United States Department of Defense’s top Research and Development priorities, Helicon brings a wealth of expertise and groundbreaking technologies to the technology park. The collaboration between Helicon and the Tech Park is expected to foster an environment of cross-industry collaboration and drive economic development in the region.

“We are delighted to welcome Helicon to the West Virginia Regional Technology Park,” said Matt Ballard, CEO/executive director, West Virginia Regional Technology Park. “Helicon’s innovative technologies continue to gain momentum. Our labs and pilot plants are the best solution for scaling their products. Helicon is a perfect fit for our park and West Virginia, and we look forward to having Helicon join the long list of innovation leaders working at our specialized facilities.”

Partnering with Tech Park tenant AVN, federal, state and local lawmakers, Helicon is using existing infrastructure to manufacture the enhanced binder in West Virginia, bringing jobs to the region while helping to improve national security. 

“The partnership we have forged here in West Virginia is a significant step in our ability to deliver enhanced rocket fuel at scale,” said Dr. Wes Naylor, Chief Executive Officer, Helicon.“We look forward to bringing jobs to the community and adding to the rich history of technology development and innovation. Increased range and speed is the name of the game when it comes to deterring bad guys and giving our warfighters the edge in combat—today’s event is step one in making that a reality.”


“I’ve visited the West Virginia Regional Technology Park several times, and each visit leaves me both impressed and encouraged by the economic development efforts and growth underway at the park. Today’s announcement is another milestone and brings a proven innovator in Helicon into the West Virginia business family. Efforts like this both increase our national security andbring needed jobs to our state that build the fabric of our communities. I look forward to seeing the impact that Helicon can make in our state, and the future growth of the West Virginia Regional Technology Park,” Senator Capito said. 

“Since 1949, this park, formerly known as the Union Carbide Corporation Technology Center, and the West Virginians who continue to work here have brought innovative, groundbreaking ideas to market that have shaped not only the United States, but the entire world. I am proud to see the West Virginia Regional Tech Park continue that legacy – and that businesses like Helicon see the potential in our small but mighty state. In addition to being America’s energy powerhouse, West Virginia has maintained our national security for generations. We mined the coal and forged the steel that helped us become the greatest military might the world has ever seen. I am glad to welcome Helicon and its innovative defense technologies to West Virginia, and I know that they will find great success here. There truly is no better place to do business,” said Senator Joe Manchin.

About Helicon Chemical:     

Helicon Chemical is developing drop-in-ready, upgraded propellant binder that will improve the performance of missiles, rockets, aerospace propulsion systems and munitions for government and commercial customers. Helicon’s patented technology allows for the rapid modernization of current armaments and future hypersonic weapons programs — aligning with one of the DoD’s top R&D priorities. The binder will help increase speed, lift and overall mission effectiveness of propulsion systems.     

About West Virginia Regional Technology Park:

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park, located in South Charleston, W.Va. is a prominent hub for innovation, science and technology in the state. Originally established to support the chemical industry, the park has since evolved into a multi-tenant campus fostering cutting-edge technologies across various fields.

Home to over 25 businesses and 1,000 jobs, the park is driven by a mission to bolster West Virginia’s economy by nurturing research, innovation, technological advancement and education. It aims to attract talent, foster job creation, and bolster economic growth by supporting STEM-related industries and initiatives.

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Jordan Ferrell

Director, Communications & Park Programs



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